Where we are?

If you are going to us from Celje site are from danger past Mozirje, Ljubno, Luče and Solčava against the Logar Valley. Those who come to Ljubljana hand, the road will lead you through Črnivec Pass and the Upper Town. If you want to be uber the shortcut through the Kranj cancer (before Črnivca left) and Podvolovljek valley, from where set off in Luce and from there towards the valley Logarska. The road there may indeed be a bit more narrow and steep, but it is now completely paved.
At the beginning of Logar Valley find as the turning for Matkov. From there, you continue through a narrow gorge, steeply up to the turning for Matkov corner. On the left side of the road continues to the border pass Pavličevo saddle and on the right you will see Mountain Home Majerhold , which it says what the home “In Majerholdu.”
Stop and hospitality we will welcome you, as is looking forward to everyone who visits us.

  • Logarska Dolina 30, 3335 Solčava
  • (03) 584 71 24 in 041 336 864
  • pdmajerhold@gmail.com