About us

Mountain Home Majerhold is located in Matkov corner, the smallest glacial valley in the headwaters of the Savinja above the great valley Logarska. At an altitude of 1,150 m, it is only 2km away from the Austrian border pass Pavličevo saddle.

Designed like a small village, nested between lush forests, with views of the majestic mountain peaks, perfect for relaxation and escape from the stress of modern everyday life.
In addition to the peace and rest, of course, here you will also find a lot of opportunities for recreation in unspoiled nature both in summer than in winter, while our resorts offer a whole range of cultural and natural attractions.

We invite you to join us on vacation in unspoilt nature, where you can thoroughly relish the fresh mountain air to relish the excellent healthy homemade food and drinks and left us full of strength and positive energy, ready for new challenges.